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Your generous contributions have enabled us to develop enriching programs that bring learning to life. We are deeply grateful for your commitment to our cause. Your donations have been instrumental in allowing us to pursue our mission and help our students achieve their educational goals. Thank you for your unwavering support of the Harrison Educational Foundation.



Morgan Stanley


Adrian and Jenny Schwartz

Blair Troiano

Philip and Jennifer Yates


John Proven


David and Jan Stern

Kevin Tyler Del Mauro

Troy Donohue

Michael & Samantha D’Annunzio

Alexandra Featherston

David Forsh

Chrissy and Chris Hazelton 

Houlihan-Parnes Realty Advisors, LLC

Jerome & Alicia Valenti

John Proven

Reiss Family Foundation

Kimberly Johnson Rosenbaum

Daniel and Patti Rube

Michael and Regina Salemo

Scott and Michelle Sherman

The Siega Family

Lucy and Jeffrey Udell

Charles Vaccaro

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.


Aaron Beitler

Neil and Loren Canell

Amie S Eglit

Peter and Samantha Giberga

Shauna Long

Natalia Mulé

Jennifer Rowatt

Alec and Heather Schwartz

Cara Vaquer-Meadow


Julie Aggarwal

Ryan Arvin

Louis Augone

Dawn Behrens

Barbara Benerofe

Joshua and Nancy Blaine

Ben Blaustein

Michael Bruschi

Jonathan Burkan

Marianne Costabile

Megan Darrell

Stephanie Frankel

Chelsea Freemon

Julie Furia

Douglas Goldsmith

Asmel Gonzalez

Michael and Laura Graffeo

Whitney Hendrickson-Molina

Laura Hersh

Tim Hodes

Robert and Jaymee Hurvitz

Estee and Ben Jaffe

Ari and Ayelet Jonisch

Marc and Michele Kalt

Jennifer Kaplan

Melissa Kearney

Jessica Kesler

Lawrence and Julie Kirshner

Shirley Knight

Jason and Kelly Kozak

Seth Lasko

Adam and Jennifer Lewis

Andrew and Shelby Lipton

Michelle Loiacono

Aaron and Karina Lubowitz

Paul and Tammy Lusardi

Yael Markowicz

Lena Mass-Cresnik

Osnat Naporano

Shelby and Yaron Nhaissi

Rick Palmon

Stephanie Pan

Nicholas Panetta

Kelly Parker

Steve Penaro

Michael Pryluck

Neil and Karen Ptashnik

Kathryn Rende

Vincent Rende

Jen Russell

Tracy Schiano

Lissa Schiele

Amy Sherman

Nicole Shevins

Sam Shusterboff

Nicole Sinclair

Jolie Skerritt

Keren and Corey Springer

Jennifer St. John-Foster

Matthew Friedman and Laura Sweder

Leigh Vasti

Jorge and Cara Veintimilla

Genevieve Weinkle

Rebecca Woolf

Dawn Yiannoullou


Spencer and Lindsay Alstodt

Doris K. Balbi

Rita Beardsley

Jodi Beller

Heather Berg

Sari Bernardo

Elizabeth & Zibby Bernstein

Aimee Bester

Rebecca Blank

Erica Blit

Toni Braiotta

Elizabeth and Hunter Brown

Mark and Tina Canno

Stephen and Bonnie Carnavalla

John Cavallaro

Jennifer Celata

Roya Corbley

Alexander Cox

Jason and Mitzi Davis

John-Michael De Gennaro

Shira Dreksler

Liz Flynn

Callie Graham

Margaret and Jeff Grasso

Thomas Haynes

Philippe and Carla Ifrah

Susan Janart

Aimee Kahn

Joseph and Ellen Kaidanow

David Kaufman and Lisa Perlman

Brian and Jennifer Lapin

Andrew and Paula Lapkin

Justin and Lindsey Leibowitz

Douglas and Lauren Levine

Emily Levine

Dani Mair

Jennifer Meitzner

Rebecca Miller

Marcelo and Marcy Modica

Sandy Myung

Celia Namoury

Anne Negrin

Kristin Nugent

Diana Oakley

Whitney Okun

Elisa Olszewski

Amy and Stephen O’Malley

Christine Paniccia

Michael and Sue Pearson

Erica Peltz

Delphine and Hugo Pinilla

Jenn Pizzo

Amy Lauren Podolak

Anne Negrin Reis

Mary Rynarzewski

Jenny Schiffman

Jeffrey and Kimberly Schiro

Aileen Schruth

Jennifer Mara Schultz

Jessica Schwartz

Julie Steeg

Michael and Lainee Steinberg

Meryl Stemberg

Pamela Strauss Peligri

Douglas and Alison Summer

Lauren Tobin

Judith Udell

Keith and Alison Wachtel

Danielle and Steve Zackman

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